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W. Bello from cultureofpeace.com

Seriously, a congressman from the Philippines has an ISI?

W. Bello, Climate and Capitalism in Copenhagen, GLOBALIZATIONS  V7  (2010)  303-305 .

DOI: 10.1080/14747731003593877

Beginning in the second week of December 2009, the representatives to the United Nations Climate Conference in Copenhagen will wrestle with the challenge of climate change. This week, influential actors in the World Trade Organization Seventh Ministerial Conference taking place in Geneva are trying to push for a conclusion to the nine-year-old Doha Round of trade negotiations. The two meetings are at cross-purposes and their juxtaposition highlights a profound reality: that the world has to choose between free trade and effective climate management.

W. Bello is with the Philippines’ House of Representatives.  He is a Sociologist.

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