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Because I’ve been lazy and will likely to be lazy in the future,  please welcome my Filler series. This series is intended as a break from reading and writing science, and to deal with numbers (or indicators, whatever that means) in general.  I say numbers since most,  if not all of my Fillers,  will be graphs of general interest to the Philippine science community but whose importance is relative.  Relative because they are nice to look at,  some can conclude somethings about them but are probably worthless to a scientist – no new knowledge will be gained by reading this. Unless of course you want to waste your time on a debate about the state of Philippine science and not do science at all.

The first in the series is on the general areas in which we (the Filipino Scientists in the Philippines) write about.  What are these general areas?  Physics, Chemistry, Ecology, etc etc. Those things.   The data came from webofknowledge.com by Thomson Reuters.  I typed Philippines, the boolean and, and 2010.

There are 538 publications from the Philippines from Jan 2010 to August 15, 2010.  Here is a bar graph of the top 25 areas, with labels that indicate their respective  number of publications.  Just note that the sum maybe higher that 538 because most of the articles belong to two or more areas.

Take your pick. Click to see a larger image.

Should I worry about not having a blog entry with 538 articles?  That’s more than enough, right? I’ll leave it up to you to tell me.  I’ll reserve my comment on some other (blog) time.  I’m currently in that lazy state.