J. J. Capuno and Ma. M. Garcia, Can Information about Local Government Performance Induce Civic Participation? Evidence from the Philippines, JOURNAL OF DEVELOPMENT STUDIES  46   (2010) 624-643. DOI: 10.1080/00220380903023521.

The question of whether people are motivated to engage in civic activities once informed of their local government’s performance is relevant to many developing countries that adopted decentralisation. Applying propensity score matching technique on a unique household-level dataset from the Philippines, it is found that the knowledge of an index of local government performance has positive and statistically significant effects on the likelihood of membership in local organisations and participation in local projects.  Thus, the results support policies for greater transparency in local governance to deepen citizenship

J. Capuno is with the School of Economics, UP Diliman while Ma. M. Garcia is with the University of Rome.

Sadly, I can’t download the full article to make a summary of the study. I hope that our congress pass the  Freedom of Information bill soon.