I think this is old news. A friend of mine already told me about this a few months ago.  But to people outside the Islands, do not be surprised if our beloved PCASTRD and PCIERD offices are no longer in existence. They have been merged.  The new council is now called…..

Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development (P-C-I-E-E-R-D). The merger of PCASTRD and PCIERD is part of the government’s rationalization efforts.  I think it was planned several years ago. Over a conversation about 5 years ago with a personnel of PCIERD, he says his desire not to retire early. The new council is “in charge of the development of policies, plans and programs, and the implementation of strategies in the areas of advanced science, industry and energy in the country.”

The current PCIEERD Officer-In-Charge is Assistant Secretary Carol M. Yorobe.

I do not know how the offices work now.  I had wonderful personal experiences dealing with people in PCASTRD. I hope that the new council would be better and is not just another padding on the level of bureaucracy.  Imagine asking permission from a ‘bigger boss’ that could have been decided by “the boss” of the old councils if the merger is by name only.

Oh by the way, the council’s first project is a logo design contest.  Click here for PCASTRD’s announcement and here for the PCIERD’s announcement.  But of course they need a logo to start the merger!