Yes, I don’t know anything about graphene but I sure know about his levitating frog.

With his odd Russian-British accent, Andre Geim was able to make fun of himself, diss the chemists, scare some postdocs, fool around on his presentation while imparting some “lessons” during his talk at FOM@Veldhoven.

He was actually very much at home that night as he is a Dutch citizen. The 19th Dutch to win a Nobel! It is also a sort of homecoming for him since he said that he used to go in this FOM conference.

So why Geim in this Philippine Science Blog? Nothing special actually… but the theme on doing science is universal.

Here are examples.

  • You don’t need funding to do good research. On the contrary, funding will come after the results and it will fuel more results. In his words, “It is a reaction..and is actually safer to apply (for grant) for what was already done “.
  • Try new systems, not new phenomena…”because there is a guarantee that something might turn up.”
  • It’s ok to have an h-index of 1 at the age of 32! “Never give up even at age 62.”
  • Learn and absorb many things a long the way while finding a research niche.
  • Enjoy science not the facts. Doing science is enjoyable. Because “chances of finding something new are not as little as generally perceived”.

And so on….there’s a lot actually! Add in the comment which you like best. The ones above are actually the first ones. Lazy me.

But even when you don’t want to learn his “lessons”, it is such a fun talk by a Nobel prize winner who doesn’t think of himself  too seriously.

Click the link below. It plays in quick time. You might wait for longer times depending on your connection to load the movie.

Geim’s Veldhoven Talk