What a nice way to revitalize this blog and to end the year! (Dear Sheldon, That’s sarcasm. Nath)

First, I’d like to stress that I’m very happy that Peter had received the award (He deserves it), and that it was picked up by a media organization with a large readership.  GMANews online is being read by a lot of Filipinos. I hope that a lot of Filipinos will be inspired by his winning.

It is just unfortunate that the real news is being masked by another serious issue, that of plagiarism.

Second, I’d like to thank TJ Dimacali, the Science & Technology Editor of GMA News Online, for giving his apologies. However, I do not agree with him that they “pursued the story independently.” Below is a comparison of the original article I wrote and the article “written” by Shaira F. Panela that originally appeared on their website:


Shai Panela plagiarized my work. 

I will probably write a more detailed blog post about this. The updated article still has a lot of flaws. But I still have a deadline to beat on my real job.

Oh by the way, it’s Imprints of Philippine Science and not Imprints of Filipino Science.