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Soon the Glutathione in your whitening products can be in lozenges like these Sakura drops. Photo by B9hetare

Soon the Glutathione in your whitening products can be in candies like these Sakura drops. Photo by B9hetare

Doctors from the Asian Hospital and Medical Center and the St Luke’s Medical Center, have conducted tests to determine the skin whitening effectiveness of Glutathione in lonzenges.

Glutathione, a naturally occurring thiol, has been reported to cause skin lightening. Whitening soaps and body creams have this as active ingredient. The most effective way of increasing its concentration in blood is thru IV. This, according to the authors, “is accompanied by greater levels of risk.” Usual medication on the other hand, may lessen the intake of Glutathione by the body because it has to go thru digestion.

Placing Glutathione in lonzeges enables the substance to be absorbed through the lining of the cheeks and mouth thereby going “directly into the systemic circulation effectively bypassing the gastrointestinal tract.”

According to the authors, the thirty dark and moderately brown Filipinas showed “significant decrease in melanin indices that became evident in as little as two weeks.” Moreover, there were no serious adverse effects reported.

Yup, as little as two weeks.


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