Putting a spotlight on Philippine Science is not an easy task.  Currently,  finding good research from the Philippines is like finding a needle in a haystack.  But like any needle, such research works, albeit few,  can prick!

Also, Science can do wonders to a nation. This is why every now and then,  my blog will  try to feature research that may have an impact on the Islands.

Seeing and hearing.


I am now an associate professor of Physics at the National Institute of Physics. I have a small research cluster (Structured Light group) within the Photonics Research Laboratory at the institute.

I do not update this blog as much as I want to because primarily, I have a lot of things on my hand since I went back and secondly, it has been difficult to access scientific articles from the Philippines. I’d like to think that someday when I have paced my schedule here in the country correctly, I will have time to update this blog. Until then, thank you for reading my past blog posts.

{Oh by the way, I am a physicist on a short stint in Europe.  I was in Leiden University, the Netherlands when I started this blog. Currently, I am with the Institut de Ciencies Fotoniques,  Castelldefels (Barcelona), Spain. The views I expressed here are solely my responsibility and not of my institute.

Thanks to modern technology,  I am able to keep in touch with Filipino Scientists, both back home and other parts of the world.}

Click here to know why I write science which comes from the Islands.

You can also follow me on twitter: @nath2

Email me: imphscience@gmail.com

Know more about my academic side with my CV (click nhermosa_CV) or thru by google scholar (click here)


Some of my friends are wondering how I could get time writing for this blog. Actually,  reading science articles is part of work so that is not a problem for me.  I could read while taking my data or having lunch.  The real bottle neck is writing.  Honestly, writing is hard.  So I only write on Fridays and Saturdays during nighttime or early morning.  An article can be written in as short as 30 mins for things that I really know, or may take as long as 2 hours.  If it’s taking longer than 2 hours, it means I can’t write about that research work during that time or I need time to read it again or I have attained the limits of my understanding.


12 thoughts on “About”

  1. Bookmarked!

  2. Francis said:

    Great read! Isasama ko na sa blogroll ko. :P

  3. Interesting blog! Will be following this so I can blog on news in Philippine science as well! :)

  4. Hi Nath and All,

    I would like to inform you of our organization called PAASE (Philippine-American Academy of Science & Engineering) and its website http://paase.org where you could learn a lot about what Pinoys and Pinoy expats (mostly in the US) are actively doing to help advance science and technology in hour homeland. Please visit http://paase.org and get to know us. Maraming salamat!

    Baltazar D. Aguda

    • Hi Baltz,

      Thanks for dropping by.

      Of course I know about PAASE, and if I weren’t a postdoc here, I would have attended the recent meeting in UP Diliman.

      Science in the country is not as dire as one thinks, although it could be improved a lot! I am an optimist and I know that in time we will be able to find our voice in the global science community.

  5. That’s great, Nath! paase.org also has a Bulletin Board where anyone can post comments, suggestions, job ads, initiate a discussion, etc. More power on your science blog! -Baltz

  6. Nath, I’d be including your blog to my links for reference since your blog is informative. That is, educational.

    I’m sorry it took a while for me to visit your blog. I will be frequenting your site every now and then.

    I’m glad that you’re working with Filipino Scientists. It’s a pride for me at least.

    Thanks for putting a spotlight on my country’s science!

  7. Very Nice!
    Will put a link / add your website to mine.

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