‘Stellingen’ or ‘statements’ in English is a customary addition to a Dutch thesis.  This set of statements is considered as discussion points during the defense.  Written in a small loose leaf and inserted in the book, the statements can be about the things you did in the thesis, science in general, or life and politics. Postdocs do not write Stellingen (And thank GOD there are no thesis and defense!). But I think its format is quite nice for a brief summary of my stay in Leiden. 


I.  Knowledge has no color.

II.  His message was brutal but the delivery was kind. – Amy Winehouse

III.  As with weak signal detection, you ‘lock-in’ to your goals to minimize technical noise.

IV.  Oo, ako na ang nag-init ng bagoong sa Huygens Lab!

V.  That factor of 2 appears every time.

VI.  MOOD matching is not MODE matching.  However, their effects are pretty much the same during experiments.

VII.  A real beam experiences a displacement and/or deflection upon reflection that cannot be described by geometric optics alone.  Same with real life.

VIII.  Orbital angular momentum couples the dimensionless angular shifts with the dimensionless positional shifts. (Physical Review A 82:2,  201o)

IX.  God knows I tried, I really tried! – Kris Aquino

X.  Our measurements of the Spin Hall Effect of  Light in metal reflection do not show an existence of a reverse energy flow. (Optics Letters 36:16, 2011)

XI.  We defined a “hard-ringed” beam as having step- like edges compared to the “soft-ringed” beam with a Gaussian dependence of the intensity profile (Optics Letters 36:3, 2011).  I wish life is as easy to define.

XII.  This should hold equally for true scalar beams, such as acoustic and matter beams
(Optics Letters 35:21, 2010).  Or so we think…

XIII.  We ascribed the discrepancy to imperfections in our experimentally realized LG modes (Proc. of SPIE 7950, 2011).  Take note!  NOT on the imperfections of the experimenter.

XIV.  The positional GH shift is (bleeped until submission of paper).  (Paper sent to boss, boss sent back paper, then sent again to boss, boss sent back paper…repeat n million times, then submit)

XV.  The hardest part about my work is pretending that I’m doing something. 
–  Elmer Estacio, PhD

XVI.  De toekomst is een boek met zeven sloten. (Old Dutch saying)

and finally,

XVII.  Our work is part of the program of the Foundation for X Y of Z (FXYZ).  It will also be supported (sooner or later, hopefully soon) by the A B within CDE F-GH1 IJK as part of the LMNOP Program 123456.



3 thoughts on “Stellingen”

  1. I like the last one, funny!
    So here I drop by to see what you are busy with.

  2. lol, ang hirap stellingen ng mga comments. i missed this blog and what it represents. thanks nath.

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